Glories of yesterday make us strong and determined. Achievements of today make us ambitious and confident. As a high-tech enterprise that is much experienced in Thermal Energy Management, Hi-1 New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., following the principle of military-people integration and enforcement, came to Guangzhou and inaugurated a new situation.

Thanks for the concern from our forerunners and support from the government, Hi-1 New Materials came into being. As a science and technology enterprise, we will give full play to our strength to serve the country, serve the society, make contributions to the national defense and strive for the rebalancing of the market. We cherish the opportunities and gained honors, stay committed to our working style as politically correct and innovative fighters, build future-oriented industry chain and constantly create values for our clients and the whole society.

Determined to be the fundamental of the country and backbone of the people, the development strategy of Hi-1 bears our dream to serve the country, serve the people and realize the value of our life. We firmly believe, Hi-1, following the guidance of Party that centers President Xi Jinping, under the support form governments and partners, with the efforts by our colleagues, will greet a bright future.



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